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for the world needs more of them


Gaeara is
☆ JE addicted ☆ full time Dorama watcher ☆ newbie at Gimp ☆ NEWS Fangirl ☆ Arashi Fangirl ☆ One OK Rock Fangirl ☆ huge Aiba Fangirl ☆ huge Shige Fangirl ☆ Linkin Park Fan ☆ Poets of the Fall Fan ☆ Book Fan ☆ Smiley Fan :3 ☆ Fan of Bavarian language ☆ loving MSN and ICQ

Honestly, I like to talk very much, I love to watch Arashi's countless TV shows, I love to watch Doramas with my favourite actors, I love to translate my favourite Doramas into German, because I want to share them with my little sister, I love listening to music, I love reading books and mangas, I love history and English at school, I love the sun, I love chocolate, I love strawberries, I love my huge pillow, I love my Laptop and I love my harddrive. I love doing useless, but funny things with my friends, I love to drink tea, I love to watch movies all the weekend and I love to watch all the greatness produced by Arashi, Kanjani8 and Tackey&Tsubasa. I could go on like this endlessly, but that's the main part. ^^

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